Ok here we go. These are all that I could find in Govan. I got quite a lot of them from this site: Scottish Cinemas and this one too: Cinema Treasures. So you could check it out to see if I have missed any of them . Okay?


Govan Cross Picture Palace 51-55, Helen Street. Opened August 1910 by James Hamilton in an old shed/skating rink.  Architect was James C Robertson, and seating was for 1,282. Closed in  1929, then used as a warehouse.


Govan Cinema 729, Govan Road. Opened in June 1913 by SCVT as a purpose-built cinema. The architect was Richard Henderson. Original seating was for 1,209. it closed in April  1936 and was demolished to make way for the Plaza Cinema.


Built by Scottish Cinema and Variety Theatres, the Plaza  Cinema opened on 21 December 1936 with "Rose Marie" starring Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald. It was designed by Charles J. McNair and closed  on 15 April 1972. There were 1352 seats in the stalls and 942 in the  balcony.


Looking back towards the Plaza Cinema from Govan Cross. There used to be a Cycle shop on the right and you can see train tender that used to take equipment and steel to and from Fairfield Ship builders & Engenineering Company along Govan Road across from the Elder Bar and the Elder Park.


The Lyceum. 908 Govan Rd, Govan. Opened on the 4th of November 1899 as a Theatre. Not until 1902 were Films showen. The Cinema was sold to Caledon Pictures in November 1923. It seated  3,000. Rebuilt, 1932. by C.J. McNair. It then Seated 2,078. On the 24th October 1937 the cinema was destroyed by fire.

The Lyceum Opened again in December 1938 but this time the New Lyceum Cinema was built on the site of this earlier Lyceum Theatre, which had opened in 1899 and burned down in 1937.


This was the New Lyceum Cinema at 908 Govan Rd, on the junction with McKechnie Street, Govan. The replacement building, by McNair & Elder, was a stunning streamlined suburban Super-Cinema, originally seating 2,600.  The opening and booking was performed by A.B. King, as with so many other halls in the west of Scotland. McKechnie Street it to the right of picture, where I used to live.


The Lyceum Cinema is now today a Bingo Hall. I used to sell papers as a wee boy, just where the man in the blue coat is walking past . "Times or Citizen Final!" was the shout when the men were coming past after working all day at Fairfields Shipyard along Govan road way off to the left. Across the road from the Elder Pub and the Elder Park.


This was a view of the Lyceum Cinema not many of us ever saw.


The Lyceum's circular entrance foyer had a central island paybox. From there a pattern radiated in terrazzo tiles on the floor. There was a mural that ran around beneath the central light fitting. The auditorium was originally decorated in blue, pink and lilac.

In 1974 the cinemas auditorium was split with bingo in the stalls section and a 480 seating cinema in the area of the balcony. The circular foyer was also split in half, with a wall running down the middle which gave seperate entrances for the Bingo and the Cinema.

This was the Lyceum_foyer Govan. Notice the price of a seat in the Circle. That’s up the stairs to the right of picture. 6d yes that’s correct 6d - in new money today? 2 & a 1/2 new pence.

The Lyceum's circular entrance foyer had a central island paybox. From there patterne radiated in terrazzo on the floor. There was a mural that ran around beneath the central light fitting. The auditorium was originally decorated in blue, pink and lilac.

In 1974 the cinemas auditorium was split with bingo in the stalls section and a 480 seating cinema in the area of the balcony. The circular foyer was also split in half, with a wall running down the middle which gave seperate entrances for the Bingo and the Cinema.


Plaza / ABC 727, Govan Road Opened in December 1936 by ABC on site of the earlier Govan Cinema. Designed by McNair & Elder to seat 2,280. Renamed ABC in 1966. Closed in April 1972, and demolished in October 1972 for road  re-alignment.

This is where I fell off a canvas covered Lorry and broke both my arms - Left arm three places and a fracture - Right arm one place and a fracture. Right on that road side curb between the arrows.


The Elder Cinema

The Elder Cinema Rathlin (Reid) Street, Govan Opened in December 1916 by Caledon Pictures Ltd, and designed by AV Gardner to seat 1,121. The plans included a large glass corner tower  feature, though it's unclear if this was ever built, as owing to  War-time restrictions, the owners were told they could only put the roof on the building and then to stop work.

Work carried on regardless, and  the interior was finished causing then to get a fine of 100 for completing the  building without a Licence from the Ministry of Munitions.

The Building was  extended (and the facade refaced) by Gardner in 1931-32. The Elder Cinema closed in March 1959. It opened again as Bingo (as the Vogue) from 1967-70. The Cinema was demolished in the June of 1976.

The last film I saw there was with my Brother Edward.  It was "D-Day the 6th of June" with Richard Todd and Robert Taylor.


This was the side of the Elder Cinema


Ibrox Picture Palace Lendel Place, Ibrox. Opened August 1910 by A.E. Pickard in an old skating rink, by architect Neil C. Duff, there were seating for 1,000. It closed on May 1915 and then used as a warehouse. It was completely demolished 1986.


The Imperial / Ritz 2-6 Govan Road, Cessnock. Opened in January 1921, in a conversion of an old stables. It originally seated 1,100 and was rebuilt and re-named Ritz after a fire in 1952. Closing as a cinema in 1959, it is now Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry.


Grand Ole Opry


The Vogue Cinema. 251. Langlands Road / Crossloan Road. It opened on the 4th July 1938 by Singleton Cinemas. Architect was J. McKissack and it seated 2,500 people. It then closed on the 30th of December 1961. Opened again as a Bingo but closed again and was demolished in June 1985. Photo circa 1981.


Inside the Vogue Cinema


The Lyric Cinema at 100. Langlands Road. Opened on October 1922 by B. Frutin, in the back court of a tenement. It was designed by architect C.J. McNair to seat 645 persons. It closed in March 1933. It was then used as a ballroom for a while but demolished in 1982.


Lorne Cinema Cornwall Street, Ibrox. Opened on the 1st of January 1914 by Lorne Cinema House, the architect being Neil C. Duff, with it seating 900. It was sold to Caledon Pictures Ltd (AB King director), with a new modern fasade and interior, March 1928 by architects Gardner & Glen. and seated 1,265. It closed in 1968. It was then a Bingo until 1976 when it was then demolished in 1982.


Green's Picturedrome 21. Ballater Street. Opened in 1911 for George Green Ltd by Architect Thomas Baird. It seated 1,100 persons but was closed in 1958. It was then Demolished in 1966.

Govan Picturedome 25 Summerstoun Road opened February 1912. Then closed in 1931. It was a former Govan Roller Rink, Grange Music Hall after closure. Centre portion of rink retained for auditorium. Cinebox above entrance. Seated 1,500.


Scenic Picture House 457, Paisley Road West Opened November 1910 by Paisley Rd Elec. Palace Company.  Auditorium in  back court.  Designed by architect A.V. Gardner to seat 800. Closed and  demolished in 1938. Scenic Picture House 457, Paisley Road West opened.  3rd November 1910 by Paisley Rd Elec. Palace Co.  Back court.  Architect A.V. Gardner. seated.  800. Closed, demolished. 1938.


The Westway 1754 Paisley Road West, Cardonald. Opened in April 1935 and originally seating 1400. The Westway was closed in 1959 and remodelled as the Flamingo Ballroom. It changed to being a Bingo Hall from 1974 until its demolition in early 2003.


Been in the Flamingo many times trying to pick up some talent (females) to snog not much luck


Govan Hill Picture Palace


These two pictures show the Back of the Lyceum and Elder Cinemas


Glasgow Demolished Cinemas.

This list includes all known cinemas in Glasgow that as they are known to have been demolished.

Paisley Road Toll. Paisley Road West to the left, Govan Road to the Right.

Their Names and Address and Details

Aldwych 2130, Paisley Rd West o. 16.4.38 by Smith and Welsh. Arch. J McKissack. s. 2,500. Sold to Singleton's, 7.1.50. Cl. 1963. Bingo. Dem. 1964 for supermarket.
Arcadia 484, London Road / Canning St o. 31.12.30 by ABC. Arch. WB Inglis. S. 1,409. Sold to H Winocour, 1939. Sold to Green's, 15.11.54. Cl. 2.4.62. Bingo. Dem. 1971.
Ardgowan 177, Weir Street o. 1923 by James Hamilton in old cork factory. Arch. Eric Sutherland. s. 1,116. Cl. 1963. Dem. 1965.

Argyle (Electric Theatre) Argyle Street o. 23.12.10 by Argyle P&V. Arch. George Boswell. s. 754. Rebuilt, reopened, 21.11.38. Arch. Boswell. s. 1,250. Cl. 21.3.60. Dem. 1963 for Argyle Street Station
Astoria 67, Possil Road o. 2.2.31 by Astoria Cinemas Ltd. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 3,002. Sold to CMA (Rank) 23.4.55. Cl. 19.11.62. Bingo. Dem. 1995.
Avenue/Victoria/Victory 950, Dumbarton Road o. 5.2.13 by Scotstoun P&V Ltd. Arch. Thomas Baird. s. 700. Sold to J Graham, 1919. Rebuilt, renamed, 5.6.30. Arch. Lennox& McMath. Sold to Associated GP Cinemas and renamed 4.4.45. Rebuilt, 1949. Arch. Lennox D Paterson. Sold to Loray Cinema Circuit, 5.56. Cl. 1964. Wareho. Dem. 1981.
BB Cinerama Victoria Rd/Cuthbertson St o. 14.9.12 by JJ Bennell in old skating rink. Arch. J Campbell Reid. s. 1,500. Cl., dem. 1922.
BB Cinerama / Odeon 201 Victoria Road o. 7.8.22 by JJ Bennell as replacement for old Cinerama. Arch. McInnes Gardner & Campbell Reid. s. 2,004. Sold to Gaumont, 1929. Auditorium extended, 1931. Arch. James L Ross. s. 2,662. New Cinerama from 1948. Rebuilt, renamed, 24.2.64. s. 2,003. Cl. 6.10.81. Dem. late 1986.
Blythswood 218, Maryhill Rd, Maryhill o. 19.12.27 by Blythswood Picture House Ltd. Arch.CJ McNair. s. 1,100. Cl. 10.8.72. Bingo. Dem. 1980 for flats.
Boulevard / Vogue 2, Knightscliffe Avenue o. 10.12.28 by North British Theatres Ltd. Arch. WB Inglis. s. 1, 140. Sold to Singleton Cinemas Ltd, 3.11.38. Rebuilt. Arch. Inglis. s. 1,470. Cl. 1.6.59. Dem. 1960.

Bridgeton X Electric Th. Olympia Street o. 1910 by West of Scotland Electric Ths. Arch. George A Boswell. Leased to Green's from 1912 and renamed Picturedrome. Cl., dem. 1932.
Broadway / Odeon 19, Amulree Street o. 25.6.30 by Singleton Cinemas Ltd. Arch. James McKissack. s. 1,742. Sold and renamed, 9.36. Cl. 25.1.67. Bingo. Dem. 8.95.
Calder 302, Calder Street o. 25.4.32 by Harry Winocour (W Regent) at back of the Govanhill. Arch. Cowieson's. s. 1,250. Sold, 1954, to Green's. Cl. 1967. Bingo until 1972. Dem. 1981.
Cambridge 90, New City Road o. 8.11.22 by Grove Picture House Ltd. in old UP Church. Arch. J Jeffrey Waddell. s. 895. Rebuilt, 1927. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 1,020. Renovated, 3.54. s.954. Cl., dem. 1964.

Camphill Picture House 7, Baker Street o. 1911 by James Hamilton. Arch. Thomas Baird. s. 820. Sold to ABC, 8.29. s. 1,200. Dem. After fire, 22.4.31.

Canadian Picture House 319, Springburn Road o. 1912 by Mary Byatt in old Baptist Church. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 440. Rebuilt, 1921. Arch. McNair. Cl. 10.25. Dem. for Kinema.
Carlton 150, Castle St, Townhead o. 4.1.26 by James Graham. Arch. Duff & Cairns. s. 1,619. Sold to Glasgow and West of Scotland Ths., 4.4.45. Sold to CMA (Rank), 23.4.55. Cl., dem. 5.3.66

Casino 149, Castle St, Townhead o. 23.10.11 by AE Pickard. Purpose built, arch. George A Boswell. s. 987. Sold to Glasgow Casino Ltd., 3.24. Cl. 17.2.65. Bingo until 1968. Dem. 1973.

Casino Shawbridge St, Pollokshaws o. 1911 by P McKenna. s. 300. Cl., dem. 1919

Cathcart Picture House/Rialto/George 15, Old Castle Street o. 1913 by Cathcart Cinemas Ltd. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 800. Reconstructed, renamed, 5.11.28. Arch. McNair. s. 1,311. Sold to ABC, 3.30. Sold to Ass. GP Cinemas, 1946. Renamed, 23.12.48. Cl. 1961. Bowling alley. JW hall from 1969. Dem. 2.94.
Cinema Picture House / Regent 72, Renfield Street o. 25.12.11 by Glasgow Picture House Ltd. Arch. Neil C Duff. s. 633. Remodelled, renamed, 1920 (fa?ade heightened, balcony installed). s. 1,314. Renovated after fire, 1971. Cl, dem. for offices, 5.82.
Coliseum (Cinerama) 97, Eglinton Street Old Moss's Empire. Arch. F Matcham. Cine-variety from 1925. Sold to SCVT, 2.3.25. Remodelled, 7.9.31. Arch. WR Glen. s. 3,094. Remodelled for Cinerama, 26.9.63. Arch. Leslie C Norton. s. 1,310. Cl. 11.10.80. Bingo from 1987. Bingo in 1.02.
Colosseum Jamaica Street Dept. store owned by Walter Wilson. Kinetoscope shows from 1895. Cinema o. 30.11.1896. s. 500. Cl. 1904 to be part of dept. store. Store dem. 2.94

Commodore / Odeon 1297, Dumbarton Road o. 1.1.33 by Singleton Cinemas Ltd. Arch. James McKissack. s. 2,000. 'Similar to Embassy' - Kenna, Art Deco Glasgow. Sold, renamed, 9.36. Cl. 25.11.67. Dem. 1976.
Coronation 470, Cathedral Street o. 21.10.11 by Coronation Picture House Ltd. in old Congregational church. Arch. Duncan and Copland. S. 1,000. Cl. 3.12. Reopened by Central Picture House Ltd. Cl, dem. 4.15.

Cranston's Picture House / Classic 15, Renfield Street o. 22.5.16. Arch. J Millar. s. 850. Sold to Winocour (W Regent), 2.34. Sold to Green's, 1954. Sold to Classic with adj. News Th., 23.9.60. Renamed, 5.72. s. 644, 220, 136. Destroyed by fire, 22.5.81. Dem. 1986.
Fasade restored (Classic House).
Crown 163, Crown St, Gorbals o. 1914 by JM Drummond in tenement close. Arch. William Reid. s. 350. According to RCAHMS record, the building was Southside Assembly Rooms of 1876. Arch. Horatio Kelson Bromhead. Dem. 1930 for replacement.
Crown / George 163, Crown St, Gorbals o. 1930 by JM Drummond on site of old Crown. Arch. Lennox & McMath. s. 900. Sold to Ass. GP Cinemas, renamed, 4.48. Cl. 14.9.70. Dem. 1974.

Dalmarnock Picture House / Plaza 361, Nuneaton Street o. 4.22 by Samuel Gratton. s. 1,204. Renamed, 8.45. Cl. 8.5.59. Warehouse. Dem. 1981.

Dennistoun Picture House / East Millar St Picture House Armadale St / Findlay Dr o. 1921 by Dennistoun Picture House Ltd. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 1,631. Sometime known as East Millar St Picture House. Sold to ABC, 1929. Cl. 5.11.60. Dem. 1971.
Eglinton Electreum 25, Eglinton Street o. 14.12.11 by Eglinton Electreum Ltd. Arch. James McKissack. s. 650. Cl, dem. 5.55.
Elder Reid Street, Govan o. 11.12.16 by Caledon Pictures Ltd. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 1,121. Cl. 28.3.59. Bingo, 1967-70. Dem. 6.76.
Embassy 146, Kilmarnock Road o. 3.2.36 by Harry Winocour. Arch. James McKissack. s. 1,638. Sold to Glasgow Photo Playho., 14.6.38. Cl., dem. 5.65 for supermarket.
Empire Electric P P 1281, Gallowgate o. 5.10.09 by Empire Picture Palace Ltd. Cl. 1925. Working men's club. Dem. 1983.

Empire Eragraph 60, Raglan Street o. 1913 by P McKenzie in North Woodside Halls. Cl. 1931.
Empress 557, Ballater Street o. 25.11.12 by Empress Pictures Ltd. in old machine shop. Arch. James Austen Laird. s. 240. Cl. 1914. Now industial units.

Empress Theatre 313, St George's Road Variety hall with cinema seasons when owned by GU Scott, 1933-60. Dem. 4.87.

Florida / Gaumont 162, Ardmay Crescent o. 31.12.31 by Florida (Glasgow) Ltd. Arch. Hamilton Neil, based on earlier plans by Lennox & McMath. s. 1,640. Sold to Gaumont, 7.3.38. Renamed, 17.4.50. Cl. 5.1.57. Sold, 13.11.61. Demolished.

Gaiety 625, Argyle Street o. 19.12.09 in old variety th. By JJ Bennell. s. 2,000. Sold to Anderston P&V Ltd, 7.28. Renovated, 4.35. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 1,403. Used as Glasgow Concert Hall from 29.1.63. Cl, dem. 7.68.

Garrick / Western 173-177, Dumbarton Road o. 22.1.16 by Garrick Cinema Co. Ltd. Purpose-built. Arch. H Campbell. s. 900. Renamed, 1919. Extended, 1921. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 1,211. Cl. 1966. Dem. 4.79.
Govan Cinema 729, Govan Road o. 20.6.13 by SCVT. Purpose-built. Arch. Richard Henderson. S. 1,209. Cl, 4.36. Demolished for Plaza.
Govan X Picture Palace 51-55, Helen Street o. 5.8.10 by James Hamilton in old shed/skating rink. Arch. James C Robertson. S. 1,282. Cl. 1929. Warehouse.

Grafton 243, Parliamentary Road o. 1922 by Albert Pictures Ltd., behind tenements. Arch. Duff & Cairns. s. 1,040. Cl, dem, 1964 for road-building.

Granada 1321, Duke St, Parkhead o. 26.8.35 by Bernard Frutin. Arch. Lennox and McMath. s. 2,400. Bingo. Cl. 8.95. Very derelict in 2000. Demolished, 2001.

Granville / Gem 164, G Western Rd/Cromwell o. 1921 by Granville Picture House Ltd. in old Wesleyan Mission. Arch. George M Brand. s. 550. Renovated (with green & cream vitrolite name sign), renamed, 1928. s. 592. Cl. 1958. Car showroom. Dem. 1981.
Green's Picturedrome 21, Ballater Street o. 3.11 by George Green Ltd. Purpose-built? Arch. Thomas Baird. s. 1,100. Cl. 2.58. Dem. c.1966.
Green's Picturedrome/Cinema 371, Wellshot Road o.c. 1914 by George Green Ltd. Purpose-built. Arch J Fairweather. S. 1,116. Renovated, renamed Cinema,1926. Arch. Fairweather. s. 1,103. Closed 2.58. Later a bingo hall, demolished around 1973. Address also given as 367 Wellshot Road.
Green's Picturedrome/Round Toll/Magnet 41, Possil Road o. 1912 by George Green Ltd. in back court. Arch. Burnet & Boston. s. 500. Leased to Round Toll Pictures Ltd and called Round Toll Cinema, 3.20 -9.31. Reopened by R Pennycook and called Magnet, 6.4.32. Cl, dem., 5.55.
Green's Playhouse 126, Renfield Street o. 15.9.27 by George Green Ltd. Arch. John Fairweather. s. 4,368. Cl. 30.6.73. Apollo cinema/concert hall, 8.9.73-16.6.85. Dem. 9.87.
Grove 12, Breadalbane Street o. 4.8.15 by James Graham in old UF Ch. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 827. Sold to P McNicol, 4.22. Cl. 18.1.32. Dance hall. Dem. ?

Hippodrome / Ritz Rutherglen Road o. 5.21 by A. Horsley for cine-variety. Arch. WB Inglis. s. 1,100. Leased to B Frutin from 3.25. Sold to ABC, renovated, renamed, 21.9.31. Arch. CJ McNair. Cl, dem. 2.61.

Ibrox Cinematograph Th Lendel Place, Ibrox o. 8.10 by AE Pickard in old skating rink. Arch. Neil C Duff. s. 1,000. Cl. 5.15. Warehouse. Dem. 1986.

Kelvin 1073, Argyle Street o. 12.5.30 by Kelvin Cinema Ltd. Arch. Gardner & Glen. s. 1,957. Sold to George Taylor, 7.31. Cl. 1959. Various uses then dereliction. Now restaurant.
Kinema 319, Springburn Road o. 3.26 by P Byatt on site of Canadian Picture House. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 850. Sold to W Regent, 19??. Sold to Green's, 1954. Cl, dem. 1958.
Kingsway 1235, Cathcart Road o. 8.5.29 by Kingsway Cinema Ltd (Smith & Welsh). Arch. McKissack. s. 1,432. Sold to Singleton Cinemas, renamed, 7.1.50. Cl. 3.65. Bingo until 6.86. Derelict, for sale in 1.02. B-listed.

Lorne Cornwall Street, Ibrox o. 11.1.14 by Lorne Cinema Ho. Arch. Neil C Duff. s. 900. Sold to Caledon Pictures Ltd (AB King director), new moderne fasade and interior, 3.28. Arch. Gardner & Glen. s.1,265. Cl. 1968. Bingo until 1976. Dem. 1986.

Louvre 1313-24, Duke Street o. 1914 by Parkhead X Picture House Ltd. Arch. Halley & Neil. s. 955. Sold to B Frutin, cl., dem., 1934 for Granada.

Lyceum (I) 908, Govan Road o. 4.11.99 as th. Films from 1902. Sold to Caledon Pictures, 11.23. s. 3,000. Rebuilt, 1932. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 2,078. Destroyed by fire, 24.10.37.

Lyric 100, Langlands Road o. 9.10.22 by B Frutin in back court. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 645. Cl. 3.33. Ballroom. Dem. 1982.

Lyric Theatre 60, Sauchiehall Street Theatre built in 1879. Arch. F Matcham. o. for films in 1914 by Lyric Pictures. s. 2,000. Cl. 1918. YMCA. Dem. 1960.

Majestic 110, Smith Street o. 7.12 by Arthur Vivian Pictures Ltd. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 959. Sold to H Maitles, 3.40. Cl., dem. 1957.

Marne / Park 25, Marne Street o. 16.11.20 by Eastern Picture House Co. Arch. Duff & Cairns. s. 1,300. Renamed, 5.28. Cl., dem. 6.58 for flats.
Maryhill Picture House 1397, Maryhill Road o. 12.14 by Maryhill Picture House Ltd. Arch. George N Beattie. s. 830. Cl., dem. 1929. Site lated used for Roxy.

Maxwell Picture House/Palladium 99-107, Shawbridge St o. 4.21 by James Graham. Arch. J Jeffrey Waddell. s. 980. Renamed, 8.32. Sold to J Boe, then Miss A Burns, 4.45. Renovated, renamed Pollok Picture House. Cl, dem. 9.58

Mayfair 33, Sinclair Drive o. 22.1.34 by Mayfair Pictures Ltd. Arch. Eric A Sutherland. s. 1,340. Sold to ABC, 9.35. Cl. 30.6.73. Wareho. Dem. 1980

Mosspark Picture House Paisley Road West o. 1925 by Duncan Campbell. Arch. John Caldwell (builders). s. 1,000. Sold to CAC, 1938. Cl, dem. 11.73 for flats.
New Bedford (I) 117, Eglinton Street o. 1921 by Bedford Picture House Ltd in old church. Arch. J Jeffrey Waddell. Sold to B Frutin, 7.24. Dem. after fire, 3.32. Replaced.
New Grand 118, Cowcaddens Street o. 1.4.19 on site of burnt-out Grand Th. Arch. G Boswell. s. 1,775. Renovated, 1926, with jazz-moderne int. Sold to Grove Picture House Ltd, 1936. Cl. 3.59 to become part of dept. store. Dem. 1966.

New Savoy Hope Street / Renfrew St o. as music hall, 16.12.11. Arch. James Miller. s. 2,000. Converted to cinema by Biocolour Circuit, 25.12.16. Arch. George Boswell. Sold to Gaumont, 1927. Modernised, o. 9.7.34. Cl. 12.9.58. Ballroom. Cl. 15.1.72. Dem. 1972.
Orient 571, Gallowgate o. 2.5.32 by George Taylor. Arch. AV Gardner. Atmospheric int. s. 2,570. Sold to George Green Ltd., 1959. Cl. 26.5.65. Bingo. Cl. 8.95. Photographs in RCAHMS of statue, plasterwork, etc, taken at this time. Very derelict in 2002.
Oxford Playhouse 57, Keppochhill Road o. 1927 by B Frutin in old tramway workshop. Arch. Lennox & McMath. s. 1,500. Destroyed by fire, 1.1.41.
Palace 129, Main Street, Gorbals Theatre o. 1904. Arch. Bertie Crewe. s. 2,000. Cine-variety from 1914. Sold to H Maitles, 1.30. Cl. 1962. Bingo. Cl., dem. 1976.
Palaceum 10, Hill Street o. 1913 by GU Scott. Arch. CJ McNair. S. 835. Rebuilt 1936. Arch. McNair. Dem. after fire, 9.54.

Paladium 1289, Dumbarton Road o. 1910 by Scotstoun Paladium Ltd. in old skating rink. Arch. Brand & Lithgow. s. 480. Cl., dem. 1924.
Paragon 403, Cumberland Street o. 1912 by Cumberland Picture House Ltd. in old church. Arch. J Jeffrey Waddell. s. 1,300. Sold to RV Singleton, 11.12. Rebuilt, 1927. Arch. Gardner & Glen. Sold to Odeon, 9.36. Cl., dem. 6.58.

Paragon Tobago Street, Calton o. 1910 by RV Singleton in former Globe Music Hall. s. 683. Cl., dem. 1920.

Parkhead Picture Palace 49, Tollcross Road o. 7.21 by SCVT. Arch. George Gunn. s. 1,250. Cl., dem. 19.8.60.

Partick Picture House/New Partick 14, Vine St. (Orchard St.) o. 4.11.12 by Partick Picture House Ltd. (George Taylor). Arch. AV Gardner. S. 1,295. Burnt down, 8.29. Reopened, 1.31. Arch. Gardner. S. 1,815. Largely destroyed by fire, 1962. Repaired as wareho. Dem. 1972.

Phoenix / Endrick Sawfield Place o. 1912 by Northern Kinema Ltd. Arch. D McNaughton & Son. s. 980. Sold to ABC, 9.28. Sold to KM Dunn, 1943. Renamed, 23.12.48. Cl. 9.55. Wareho. Dem. 1972.
Picturedome / Govan Picturedome / Greens Picturedome 25 Summerstoun Road o.2.1912, c.1931 Former Govan Roller Rink, Grange Music Hall after closure. Centre portion of rink retained for auditorium. Cinebox above entrance. Seated 1,500.
Plaza / ABC 727, Govan Road o. 21.12.36 by ABC on site of Govan Cinema. Arch. McNair & Elder. s. 2,280. Renamed, 1966. Cl. 15.4.72. Dem. 10.72. for road building.
Possilpark Picture House / Avon 277, Saracen Street o. 1920 by James Graham. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 1,222. Sold to Glasgow & West of Scotland Cinemas, renamed, 4.4.45. Sold to CMA (Rank), 23.4.55. Cl., dem. 1960.
Premier 1138, Dumbarton Road o. 1922 in old billiards hall. Cl. 1930.
Princes (I) 20, Gourlay Street o. 9.14 by Scottish Picture House Ltd. Arch. Richard Henderson. s. 988. Sold to SCVT, 1917. Cl, dem. 1936

Princes (II) 20, Gourlay Street o. 8.11.37 by ABC on site of old Princes. Arch. McNair & Elder (unusually stark for them). s. 2,050. Cl. 27.7.68. Bingo. Dem. 1978.
Pringle's Bijou Hall 73, Cowcaddens Street o. 19.3.08 by Ralph Pringle in old Assembly halls. s. 650. Cl, 1930, following Glen Cinema tragedy. Still extant in 1959 according to Th Royal conversion plans. Possible window from pros end still visible on Th Royal end wall.
Pringle's Dennistoun Palladium Hillfoot Street o. 1.1.12 by Ralph Pringle in old skating rink. Arch. George Boswell. s. 1,2000. Cl. 12.21. Dance hall. Dem. 1937.
Rex / ABC 650, Cumbernauld Road o. 7.12.31 by ABC. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 2,336. Renamed, 1961. Cl, dem. 29.9.73.

Rhul Stonelaw Road o. 27.4.32 by Burnside Picture House Co. Ltd. Arch. Neil C Duff. s. 1,250. Sold to ABC, 12.36. Cl, dem. 5.11.60

Rio Canniesburn Toll o. 8.10.34 by Suburban Pictures Ltd. Arch. Cowieson's Ltd. s. 1,120. Sold to P Crerar, 1936. Sold to CAC, 6.38. Twinned 1975. s. 299, 287. Cl., dem. 18.10.86 for flats.
Roxy 1397, Maryhill Road o. 15.9.30 by James Graham on site of old Maryhill Picture House. Arch. Lennox & McMath. s. 2,270. Sold to G&WofS Cinemas Ltd., 4.4.45. Sold to CMA (Rank), 23.4.55. Cl, dem. 10.62.

Royal 102, Main St, Bridgeton o. 7.18 by Royal Picture House Co. in back court. s. 500. Cl., dem. 3.58.
Scenic Picture House 457, Paisley Road West o. 3.11.10 by Paisley Rd Elec. Palace Co. Back court. Arch AV Gardner. s. 800. Cl, dem. 1938.

Scotia 7, Millerston Street o. 24.3.21 by James Hamilton. Arch. CJ McNair. s. 1,250. Sold to Douglas Picture House Co. 11.45. Major rebuild after fire, o. 1950. Much improved interior with moderne styling. Cl., 1964. Bingo until 1985. Dem. after fire, 1987.

Scott's Annfield Elec. Th. 609, Gallowgate o. 1909 by GU Scott in former Annfield Halls. s. 600. Cl. 4.34.
Scott's Electric Theatre Gray St, Shettleston o. 3.12 by GU Scott in old wire works. s. 700. Cl., dem. 1969.

Seamore 220, Maryhill Road o. 21.12.14 by AE Pickard. Arch. GA Boswell & RA Thomas. s. 1,942. Expanded and lift fitted, 1932. Sold to AB King, 4.35. Sold to CMA (Rank), 23.4.55. Cl. 1963. Dem. after fire, 1968.

Shawlands Picture House 1045, Pollokshaws Road o. 1914 by Shawlands Cinema Ltd. Arch. Richard Henderson. s. 550. Sold to SCVT, 4.16. Cl., dem. 30.8.30.
Spingburn Picture House / Astor Wellfield Street o. 1920 by J. Graham. Arch. AV Gardner. Tin shed s. 1,535. Sold to Glasgow & West of Scotland Cinemas, 4.4.45. Renamed, 11.47. Sold to CMA (Rank), 23.4.55. Cl. 17.11.66. Destroyed by fire, 1968.

Springburn ET / Ideal / Royal 339, Springburn Road o.1911 by Caledonian Cinematograph Co Ltd in old back court meeting hall. Arch. Neil C. Duff. s. 500. Renamed, 7.16. Renamed Royal, 2.25. Cl. 1930. Billiard hall, then bingo. Dem. 1979.

St. James' Picture House 112, Stirling St, Townhead o. 1910 by The Douglas Picture House Co. s. 450. Cl., dem. 1947.
Standard 95, Dumbarton Road o. 1909 by J Graham in back court meeting hall. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 1,153. Sold to Glasgow & West of Scotland Cinemas, 4.4.45. Cl., dem. 1957.
Star / Cosmo 254, Garscube Road o. 1912 by North Glasgow Theatre Ltd in old meeting hall. Renamed, 7.31. Cl., dem. 9.33

Star / New Star 1046, Maryhill Road o. 31.12.12 by Maryhill Star Palace Ltd. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 900. Comprehensively reconstructed & renamed, 1930. Arch. Gardner. s.1,799. Cl. 10.66. Car showroom. Dem. 1978.

Star Music Hall / Shakespeare Music Hall / New Star Theatre of Varieties / Pringle's Picture Palace 12, Watson St, Calton o.1878 as Star Music Hall, upper levels of warehouse. Renamed, 1881, 1885. Closed 1884-92 due to disaster where 14 people died. Renamed 1897 o. 11.11.07 by Ralph Pringle for cinema. s. 1,200. Cl. 7.14. Leased by Frutin for cinevariety, 1914 - 34. Variety only from c1918. Reverted to Queen's theatre name. Destroyed by fire, 1952. Dem., 1956.

Star Palace 136, Main Street, Bridgeton o. 1908 by Mrs M Laird in old Bridgeton Town Hall. Arch. J & J Laird. s. 1,013. Cl., dem. 1930.

State 293, Castlemilk Road o. 20.12.37 by Cathcart Picture Playho. (GU Scott). Arch. McNair & Elder. s. 1,600. Sold to County Properties, and renamed County, 6.71. Bingo from 1972.
State 1311, Shettleston Road o. 14.5.37 by Cathcart Picture Playho. (GU Scott). Arch. CJ McNair. s. 2,009. (1,149 from 1955). Cl. 4.5.73. Derelict. Dem. 1986.

Strathclyde 41, Summerfield Street o. 15.8.28 by Strathclyde Cinema Ltd. Arch. Gardner & Glen. s. 1,910. Sold to Green's, 1937. Cl. 7.5.61. Bingo from 1962. Dem. 1980.
Sun Picture House Hopehill Road, Woodside o. 1911 by Leone Weinstone in old workshop. Arch. Bruce & Hay. s. 350. Cl., dem. 1914.
Temple Hall 80, Fulton Street o. 1917 by A Wardrop. s. 464. Cl. 1924. Workshop. Dem. 1985.
Tivoli / Classic 53, Crow Road o. 29.4.29 by Thomas Ormiston. Arch. Denny & Blain. s. 1,915. Sold to Gaumont, 3.32. Sold to Classic, renamed, 12.67. Cl. 26.2.72. Bingo from 24.1.73.
Vogue 251, Langlands Road x Crossloan Road o. 4.7.38 by Singleton Cinemas. Arch. J McKissack. s. 2,500. Cl. 30.12.61. Bingo. Cl., dem. 6.85.
Wellington Palace 11, Commercial Rd o. 30.11.08 by JJ Bennell in old music hall. Sold to R Pennycook and remodelled, 1928. Arch. AV Gardner. s. 1,967. Cl., dem. 5.57.

Westway 1754, Paisley Road West o. 8.4.35 by Smith & Welsh. Arch. Bryden, Robertson, Boyd. s. 1,400. Sold to Singleton Cinemas, 7.1.50. Cl. 3.2.59. Remodelled for ballroom. Bingo from 1974.Demolished c. 2003.

Whitevale Theatre 845, Gallowgate o. 1908 by Green's in old music hall. s. 660. Cl., dem. 1929.
Avion Thornliebank Road / Lochiel Road 1920s, closed by 1960. Dem for Avion pub, 1964.

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