The old Hill's Trust School in Golspie Street was named after Abraham Hill, a native of Govan who made his fortune as a merchant in Wolverhamptom. In 1757, Abraham Hill bequeathed the sum of £200 for the purchase of land in or around the parish of Govan.Until 1868, the land, some 13 acres was let for agriculture.

The revenue from the use of the lands was paid to a school master who educated boys and girls from the poorest families who were unable to pay school fees, preference was given to those named Hill. The funds used to support the headmaster at Govan Parish School and pay the school fees of up to ten children: the number was increased to seventy in 1872, as the rising price of land in the area resulted in a vast increase in the amount of money at the disposal of the Trust.

In 1875 the trustees commissioned the architects Baird & Thomson to design Abraham Hill's Trust School, which was managed by the Govan School Board and by the trustees and was described as "the only private undenominational elementary school in the parish." The Trust introduced bursaries for all children in the parish in 1890. In 1974 pupils were transferred to a new school on Nethan Street. The old Hill's Trust building serves as a community centre at the beginning of the 21st century.


This  is a link to a larger picture with some of the pupils names included and their position on the picture


Another school photo at Hills Trust but I am not in it as I think I was in Hospital with two broken arms. This picture was sent to me by Theresa Graham. Many thanks for the picture and the class names and the note that Theresa has sent me on Facebook. Theresa’s Note, filled in names on the 1st picture above that I was in and the above picture too.

This School picture was sent by Kitty Young Nee; Catherine Allison. Below is the note Kitty sent me.

Kittys Note:

Hi, Jimmy I've put a Hills Trust School picture on my page I think I was 6 or 7 in it. My Teacher's name was Miss Donald and she has her hand on my shoulder in the picture. My pal is Elizabeth Stuart and I was called Catherine Allison. Helen McAusland & Peggy Rae are now gone and Jean Park we're all in my class Liz Stuart had been my pal since then and I still see her when I'm down in Sunny Govan xxxx


Hi Jimmy, Theresa Graham here i spoke to you a few times on here. I think it was about last year I sent you a school picture and listed all the names on it that I could remember and you very kindly removed all the cracks on it and sent it back to me here in doncaster.
I've lived here nearly 40 years now but i go back to Glasgow a couple of times a year, Im in contact with Marilyn Spence and Eleanor Haddow i've spoken to Eddie Reilly who now lives in Cumbernauld but thats about all I know looking forward to seeing the photos keep up the good work speak to you soon take care x

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Hills Trust Primary School in Govan  today

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