MyGovan is starting a monthly news letter about what is going on in Govan Today.

We hope that the visitors who still live in Govan would like to take part and share with all the Govanites around the world who browse our site each day. Some have sent me e-mails asking if we could provide this as they would be interested in finding out what is happening and what Govan is like today.  All the good things happening in Govan today as well as the bad things too.                                              REGISTER HERE

If you would be interested in writing about what is going on with you in Govan today then please register on this new website section then go to our contact page  and have your say about your daily life in Govan and how you are effected by all the changes as well as the things that are not changing. You can also upload your picture if you want to on the Registration page and we’ll use the  image with your name and your news article credit. To receive our monthly News Letter you also need to be registered. So register and receive MyGovan monthly News Letter.

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